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5 Pieces Every Playroom Needs

5 Pieces Every Playroom Needs

Every parent imagines all of their kid’s toys and rambunctious energy staying within the four walls of a dedicated playroom, but every parent knows that’s just not the reality of living with small children. That said, there are a few thoughtful considerations parents can make when putting together a playroom that will make it a welcoming, comfortable, and fun space for little ones. Here are five pieces every playroom needs.

Everything In Its Place: Storage

An organized playroom doesn’t just make for saner parents, but it can have a positive impact on kids, too. Just like adults, kids respond to their environment. An orderly space can help kids see what’s available without getting overwhelmed. And when items are stored off the floor, it leaves room for them to spread out and enjoy.  

When it comes to storage, accessibility is also key. Toys, books, and supplies should be a kept within arm’s reach for little ones so they can independently choose their activity. Thoughtfully planned out storage like the Cubby Bookshelf can also make clean up an easier chore—when kids know where their items belong, it takes the guesswork out of resetting their play space.

Let Their Imagination Grow: Open-Ended Toys

Filling a playroom with toys that encourage imaginative play and can be enjoyed in multiple ways is a recipe for success. This allows children to fuel their play with imagination instead of batteries. 

A dollhouse, play kitchen set, wooden blocks, cars, dress-up, and art supplies are perennial favorites at playtime and can all be enjoyed time and again in new and different ways. 

A Comfy Spot to Explore: Soft Floor

Kids love to spread out when they’re playing, and a cushy foundation is key to unlocking hours of playtime. Play mats, easy-care rugs, or carpet are all ways to ensure that the playroom feels like a comfortable and inviting space to be. 

A Seat of Their Own: Table and Chairs

Some activities are just better at a table, and making sure that little ones have a tot-sized space of their own to have a seat is essential for playroom success. Whether it’s teatime with teddy, art hour, or a spot for playdough fun, a children’s sized table and chair set like our Crescent Table and Crescent Chairs make the perfect addition to the playroom.

One tip when searching for the right chairs is to make sure they’re sturdy! Kids are wiggly and oftentimes uncoordinated, so slightly flared legs and a sturdy frame can help ensure there’ll be less toppling and more playing.

Don’t Forget the Grown-Ups!

Nothing brings kids more joy than when their parents see what they’re doing, what they’ve done, or what they’re about to do. In short, kids love when their grown-up is involved! So even though the holy grail is independent play, when that good old “watch me!” refrain hits, it’s nice to have a place for a full-sized human to sit, be it a bench, cozy chair, or couch.

As kids grow, playrooms evolve, but the fundamentals remain the same. These playroom must-haves will guide you through every stage, even if the toys change and the seating expands.

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