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With that commitment to keeping our manufacturing stateside, we
began the journey of finding the right people to turn our ideas and
sketches into reality. We’re proud to work with our American
manufacturing partners, all experts in their field and many of them
small, family-owned operations to bring you the best.

Milton and Goose team member sanding a play kitchen burner.

Tradition of Woodworking & Craftsmanship

In Pennsylvania, we partnered with second-generation Amish toymakers to make our best selling Essential Play Kitchen. Their family-owned and operated workshop employs local woodworkers and works with many family-owned shops in and around Lancaster County, keeping the area’s long tradition of woodworking and craftsmanship alive. Their facility also operates mostly off-the-grid with an intentional focus on reducing material waste and conserving electricity.

And not far from our Lancaster toymakers, we found the most skilled furniture-makers to create our Crescent Collection of tables and chairs. They have been making the finest quality full-sized tables and chairs for many years, which is evident when you see the craftsmanship in their pint-sized furniture.

Milton and Goose Essential Play Kitchen with hood in Gray with play food on top.

We put the same care and attention into our smaller pieces, from wooden accessories to textiles. For our play food, we source parts from a workshop in Maine, and then our skilled woodworkers in Connecticut turn them into beautiful pieces to be passed down generations. And our textiles are sewn in a family-run shop in Pennsylvania.

Person working on machine with shirt that says "Craftsman: one who creates or performs with skill or dexterity especially in the manual arts"

Great People, Great Products

We’re proud to work with incredible people who happen to also be incredible artisans to bring you the finest quality children’s toys and furniture. We hope our products bring hours of joyous playtime and happy memories to your family. And when you’re through, we look forward to seeing them lovingly passed down.

Materials & Safety

We source the finest quality materials for our products and then test everything with a third-party
CPSC-approved laboratory to ensure the ultimate safety.

All of our products are tested for lead, heavy metals, and phthalates, in addition
to complying with the stringent California Prop 65 threshold for hazardous substances.

Baltic Birch Plywood
100% Wool Felt
Non-Toxic Paints & Finishes

Our products also meet or exceed all ASTM toy safety standards.