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How to Choose the Right Play Kitchen

How to Choose the Right Play Kitchen

Play kitchens have been a childhood favorite for decades, and for good reason! They bring hours of battery-free, imagination-fueled playtime and help to foster everything from independent play to sharing among friends. Here are several factors to consider when choosing the right play kitchen for your family.


Right-Sized for Playtime

Play kitchens come in a variety of sizes, from small-footprint designs that are best suited for tighter spaces to larger format designs for when space is not an issue. It’s important to consider both the size of your child (do you have an extra tall toddler? Is your little one on the petite side?) and the size of your play area (do you have a sprawling playroom? Is this going to be wedged between your living room couch and coffee table?).


Our Essential Play Kitchen is adjustable in several ways to fit each family’s needs. The legs on our pieces are removable, so they can sit an inch or two lower when your little one is just beginning to explore, and then can bump up to full height when your little chef is ready to really get cooking. We also offer an expandable set that ranges from the Essential Play Kitchen to the optional Hood attachment and Refrigerator, depending on desired footprint and available space.


Built to Last

Kids are notorious for putting quality to the test pretty quickly, so a sturdy play kitchen is going to be a worthwhile investment. Look for solid materials and quality construction, so doors, knobs, and faucets will stay put for years to come.


At Milton & Goose, we steer clear of particle board and MDF, which don’t have the same long-term durability that hardwood and furniture-grade plywood offer. Our mission is to make sure that our pieces will stay strong enough to pass along to siblings, cousins, friends, and even the next generation.


Safety, Always

Always top of mind for parents, safety is an important consideration when looking for children’s toys and furniture to bring into your home. Look for phthalate-free and lead-free materials and coatings, and products that have been safety tested by independent third-party laboratories to comply with federal toy safety standards, also known as the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s ASTM guidelines. And water-based finishes and natural materials tend to have lower VOCs, giving you peace of mind that your little one’s environment is safe from harmful chemicals.


Good Looks Pay Off

Toys and children’s furniture that fits into the grown-up décor help strike the perfect balance between “kids live here” and “so do adults.” Good looks aren’t just a bonus. If a piece looks nice, parents will be more likely to integrate it into a higher visibility location instead of the back corner of a basement playroom. This works out perfectly because kids tend to enjoy playing within eyesight of their grownups, which means it will get even more use, making it a win-win for the entire family.


Play kitchens are often one of the biggest “toy” pieces that go into a playroom, so there’s a lot to consider. Our bestselling Essential Play Kitchen is a great foundation for playtime!

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