3 Reasons to Choose Wooden Toys

3 Reasons to Choose Wooden Toys

There are so many toys to choose from—the possibilities seem almost endless—but if you’re thoughtful about what toys you bring into your home, it might help to narrow your search. Here are three reasons why you might want to consider wooden toys over the alternatives.


Toys come in all types of quality and children are excellent at testing strength and durability, oftentimes within the first moments of playtime. There’s no guarantee that any toys will endure, but more often than not, wooden toys can be repaired in a way that snapped plastic cannot, and more importantly, once the toy’s useful life has ended, natural materials like wood are much easier to recycle. The last thing we’d want is to give our children toys that will not only eventually break, but then will stick around on this planet for near eternity. Choosing wooden toys over plastic ones is the more sustainable choice, which is one of the most compelling reasons to think twice about which toys we’re selecting for our little ones. 


When it comes to toys, simple is often better. Flashing lights and bright colors might grab kids’ attention initially, but that fascination soon fades. It’s the simpler designs that leave room for imagination that allow kids to dream up fantasy worlds and get lost in the world of play. 

That’s why we specifically designed our toys, like our Essential Play Kitchen, with just enough detail to provide a prompt (i.e. knobs that turn and have a line marker, but with no specific “degree” setting), yet leave plenty of room for them to fill in between the lines with their imagination.


Let’s face it, kid's toys have a tendency to sneak out of the playroom and find their way across the home. If you’re going to be staring at these toys for the foreseeable future, it would be nice to at least have some lovely designs around. And there’s just something so elegant about the classic lines, natural feel, and muted tones of a wooden toy. 

Doubtful that “beautiful” and “toys” can go hand-in-hand? Take a peek at our Instagram page to see the many ways our customers have incorporated our pieces into their beautiful homes.

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