5 Epic Playdates to Keep the Fun Going

5 Epic Playdates to Keep the Fun Going

Hey there, fellow parent!

Let’s face it, when it comes to playtime, our kiddos are pros! But sometimes, even the pros need a little inspiration to keep the fun going. If you've got some awesome Milton & Goose toys (and I bet you do!), you're in for a treat today. We've cooked up some super fun games that’ll guarantee hours of play and giggles. Let's dive right in!

1. Chef Junior with the Essential Play Kitchen

Remember those days when you pretended to be on a cooking show? Ah, the nostalgia! Now, it's time to pass the torch to the little ones.

Set-Up: Clear out a small space and place the Essential Play Kitchen in the center. Grab some play ingredients, a chef hat, and of course, their apron! Now, let’s get cooking!

How to Play: Your child is now the star of their very own cooking show. As the audience (that’s you!), ask them to prepare a three-course meal. Be their cheerleader and occasionally throw in some “surprise” ingredients they have to include. They'll love the challenge, and you might just get served a delicious pretend meal. Bon appétit!

2. Pizzeria Dreams with The Luca Play Kitchen

Who doesn't love pizza? With the Luca Play Pizza Kitchen, every day can be pizza day!

Set-Up: Create a pizza order counter with a menu card listing out different pizza types - Margherita, Pepperoni, Veggie Delight, and the all-time kids' favorite, Chocolate-Chip Cookie Pizza (yes, it’s a thing in their world).

How to Play: You’re the hungry customer, and your child is the talented pizzaiolo! Place your order and watch as they roll the dough, spread the sauce, sprinkle cheese, and add toppings. Don't forget to pay with pretend money, and maybe give them a tip for their excellent service.

3. Milton & Goose Market Day with the Market Stand

Let's take shopping to the next level with the Market Stand!

Set-Up: Stock up the Market Stand with play fruits, veggies, and other goodies. Make sure there's a cash register with some play money!

How to Play: Swap roles with your kiddo. One of you is the shopkeeper while the other is a shopper with a list. The goal? Find everything on the list, pay for it, and maybe even haggle a bit for good measure. Next round? Switch roles!

4. Storytime Adventures with the Cubby Collection

Let’s admit, the Cubby Bookshelf isn't just a place for books. It’s a gateway to countless adventures!

Set-Up: Fill the Cubby Bookshelf with an assortment of your child's favorite books and plush toys. Cozy up the space with a soft rug and some cushions.

How to Play: Time for a story adventure! Pick a book and let your child narrate the story. Or, create a brand-new story together using the plush toys as characters. Oh, the places you’ll go!

5. Hide-and-Seek Treasures with the Terry Collection

The Terry Cabinet and Console are more than just storage solutions. They're perfect for a game of hide-and-seek!

Set-Up: Empty one shelf of the Terry Cabinet or Console. Fill it with small toys, treasures, or even tiny notes.

How to Play: Let your little one hide some treasures, and you try to find them! Then switch roles. The joy on their face when they discover hidden gems? Priceless!


Bonus Game: Cubby Bench Toy Swap

Have too many toys and don’t know what to play with? Here’s a fun solution.

Set-Up: Empty the Cubby Bench and sort toys into different categories - action figures, dolls, cars, puzzles, etc.

How to Play: You and your kiddo get turns. Each turn, pick a toy category and swap one toy with another. This not only refreshes the play options but also gives you both a chance to rediscover forgotten toys!


Whew! That was a whirlwind of fun, right? Milton & Goose pieces are not just beautiful additions to your space; they're also the ultimate play buddies. So next time your little one says they're bored, you know exactly what to do. Here's to hours of laughter, creativity, and play!

Happy playing, parents! 

P.S. Got some fun game ideas of your own? Share them with the Milton & Goose community. We're always up for some new playdate inspo!

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