The Importance of Self-Care when You're a Mom [Happy Mother's Day!]

The importance of self-care when you're a mom_milton and goose blog

Motherhood is hectic, beautiful, messy, exhausting, and magical, all at once. We are constantly on the go, putting the needs of our children above our own and often letting “me time” fall to the wayside. However, just like any job, burnout is inevitable without a break so it is vital to remember the importance of self-care--especially when you’re a mom.


Ever have one of those days when your patience is wearing a little thin? Suddenly, that glass of spilled milk feels like a major injustice against your clean home or your toddler’s tantrum causes you to have your own? Here’s the thing mom, you’re human and because of that you need time to recharge and rejuvenate. Giving yourself some time alone to focus only on yourself will allow you to come back a more patient and refreshed you.

Importance of self-care for mom milton and goose blog

Come Back Stronger

Whether you spend 30 minutes reading your favorite book or enjoying a spa day, it is so important to take this time for yourself and pursue something that is just for you. Allowing yourself to make this time a priority can make you more peaceful and happy, making way for more smiles and giggles with your kids. Self-care is not selfish, it is an important part of parenting. Anna Gannon of The Expectful Blog explains, “I believed that taking time for myself to do things that made me feel good wasn’t benefiting others. But in reality, that’s exactly what it was doing. When I feel good about myself, I treat others better. When I feel strong, I can be strong for others. And when I feel loved, I want to give love. I’ve found that taking time to nourish myself brings joy to me and those around me”.

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Reconnect with Yourself

When you become a mother, you naturally put the needs and wants of your children above your own. The person you were and the interests you once held before becoming a mother can often suffer. Time for yourself allows you to reconnect with yourself and determine what you want for your own life beyond being a great mom. Don’t deny your own passions and desires and the ability to reconnect with you as an individual. It will not detract from you as a mom, rather it will enhance how you mother and your relationship with your kids.

Self-care is something you may not have thought about before becoming a mother. It was just something you did. After becoming a mother, you realize that it is something that you have to actually make time for and schedule, and sometimes that in itself might seem stressful. But maybe it's time to move self-care back to the top of your to-do list. Recharge, strengthen, and reconnect with yourself.

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