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Spotlight on Milton & Goose’s Manufacturer

Milton & Goose's beautiful play kitchens are manufactured deep in the heart of America’s Amish Country, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, by a family-owned and operated venture. They're second-generation toymakers who know their craft well. 

In true Amish tradition, our manufacturing partners operate mostly off-grid, using generators and pneumatic (or compressed-air) tools to run their workshop. They work carefully to minimize waste; you'd be hard-pressed to find a machine running unnecessarily or a light switch left on, because power is only used when required. Materials are planned carefully to reduce wood scraps, and excess cuts are recycled into other projects. 

The history of Amish furniture making and woodworking dates back to before the signing of the Declaration of Independence in the United States. It was the splitting of the Swiss Mennonite Church that led to the founding of Amish country, when many Swiss migrants settled in Pennsylvania, as well as parts of the Midwest. The communities that arose took advantage of the folk art focus in the 20th century, and Amish-made furniture became sought-after products outside of the Amish community. 

To this day, Amish furniture is known for its quality. Using high-caliber wood like maple, cedar, mahogany, oak, pine, and walnut, craftsmen choose the best type of wood depending on the specific piece of furniture being built. Knowing this attention to excellence and detail, as well as the fact that Amish woodworkers are U.S.-based, was a major reason Milton & Goose founder, Shari Raymond, chose the manufacturer she did.

Raymond has had to outsource just a few of the parts for her play kitchens (like the metal pieces, for instance), but chooses to work with local, family-owned businesses for CNC, laser, and metal work as well. All parts are sourced locally whenever possible.

See for yourself why Amish-made is best by purchasing a Milton & Goose play kitchen. Check out the two models available now: Essential Play Kitchen and the Classic Play Kitchen.