Giving Back at Milton & Goose

Giving Back at Milton & Goose

Milton and Goose Pilot Light Chefs Partnerships Photography Credit Kipling Swehla

One of the most important facets to being a business owner is having the ability to give back to the community that has helped us succeed. Even before the official Milton & Goose launch in July of 2017, I knew that an overarching social responsibility would be part of our foundation. A year later, I have been able to pinpoint two incredible organizations to support in varying ways.

When I set out to find the right organizations to work with, I wanted to make sure they connected with the mission of Milton & Goose and were doing wonderful things for the people in their locales, states, and the United States as a whole. 

As a company in the business of toy kitchens, there is an unwritten dedication to the importance of food, cooking, and making sure all children find sustenance both in terms of nutrition and creative outlets. That’s why supporting No Kid Hungry was a no-brainer. 

No Kid Hungry has been dedicated to ending hunger for over 13 million children in America since 2010, and Milton & Goose is proud to donate monthly to that goal. Providing school breakfasts and afterschool meals, and summer meals served at schools and community centers; as well as food skills education, research and policy tools, and advocacy work all contribute to making sure children in America are well fed, each and every day. 

Be sure to visit the No Kid Hungry website if you’re interested in learning more, or providing a monthly contribution.

We are also supporting Pilot Light Chefs, a nonprofit that has been providing nutritional education to kids for the last eight years. Lessons about food teach children about math, science, and agriculture, helping them to connect to the world around them. 

Eight years ago, Chicago-based chefs Jason Hammel, Paul Kahan, Matthias Merges, and Justin Large, were inspired by Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move, Chefs Move to Schools” campaign. They’ve been working with public school leaders ever since, developing the Pilot Light program to help teachers “meet academic and nutrition requirements while creating an exciting and meaningful learning experience around food for their students,” as their website attests.

Pilot Light Chefs photo by Kipling SwehlaPhoto credit: Kipling Swehla

The education received by the children Pilot Light Chefs works with has a long-term impact, helping kids make healthy food decisions for the rest of their lives. 

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Milton & Goose to provide their beautiful play kitchens to Chicago South Side elementary schools. This donation provides pre-K students with access to food education in their classrooms and the opportunity to be creative and imaginative with food." ~ Alexandra DeSorbo-Quinn, Pilot Light Chefs Executive Director

For more information on how you, too, can help this organization reach more children and more communities, visit their website.

I am so grateful Milton & Goose is able to give back to No Kid Hungry and Pilot Light Chefs just a year in as a company. I cannot wait to expand the list of organizations we’re supporting as we continue to grow.

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